Daytona Virtual Steering bike

7500 euro

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Technical info

It is brand new, built up with brand new parts.

It is a DAYTONA patent. Virtual Steer Technology separates suspension, brake and steering influence and results in a "ride on rails".

It is one of 50 ever produced in Japan.

It is the only one street legal virtual steer Monkey bike worldwide.

1x DAYTONA virtual steer frame kit.
2x DAYTONA 10“ alloy wheels
2x 10“ street tyres
1x DAYTONA +8 rear swingarm alloy
1x DAYTONA front disk brake 160mm
1x DAYTONA rear disk brake 160mm
2x LUCAS steel braided brake hoses (front and rear)
2x BREMBO style CNC caliper (front and rear)
1x DAYTONA black seat with rear cowl with rear light and indicators
1x DAYTONA black low front fender
1x DAYTONA black rear fender
1x DAYTONA sidestand chromed
1x DAYTONA alloy foot restst
1x DAYTONA ignition cover
4x YSS 280mm HQ shock absorbers adjustable
1x HONDA original Monkey 12V engine 4-speed, manual clutch, CDI ignition
1x HONDA original Monkey 12V Keihin carburettor
1x MIYA alloy/carbon exhaust down type
1x handlebar chromed
1x black small fairing with integrated light and indicators
1x black Monkey style tank with integrated tank cap

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Virtual Steering 




Virtual Steering 



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